Emma Atkins on the couch with Twiggy and Colleen on This Morning
When Emma first started she was told Charity would be there for 3-4 episodes, then it was 3-4 months, then it hit her it was a big part and she naturally fell in to it. At first she was terrified, but everyone was so nice. Then came an extract from tonight's show. It was when she told Zak she had accepted Chris Tates proposal.
Emma was asked if there was anything she could tell Colleen and Twiggy the interviewers, Well I can say "Pre nup"
and that kind of gives it away. She was then asked if Charity had agreed to marry Chris. But as Emma was on a plane
coming down for the interview she missed the previous nights show, she wasn't sure whether it was last nights or was happening that night.
Emma was then asked how far they were film in advanced, which was 3 to 4 weeks, and how far ahead did they know the story lines. 2-3 weeks in advance unless delicate and they are told well in advance in private. The girls thanked Emma who was whisked away on a "Virgin motorbike" to get back to Leeds in time for the 3000th anniversary party.



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