Emma and Charley on TM
Friday 4/4/03
Emma and Charley started off their morning on TM with Emma making Smoothies. They showed her receipe and made it on air. Next both Emma and Charley were posing in sunglasses. The first had to draw their faces in the mirror and find which shape they were. They were then given glasses to suit their faces. Then shown glasses they had tried on earlier and asked which they preferred.
After the pick a pair game it was the Emmerdale pairs turn

The story of Charity was told, From prostitute to Tate. A clip was then shown
of Charity Debbie and Chris.
Emma has been in Emmerdale 3 years. She said she had been lucky with storylines So many skeletons are stacked up in the cupboard, then there is Debbie. Charley was then introduced. She is enjoying herself as Debbie. Debbie arrived on Xmas eve, it's Charley first big television job.
Asked about how school fits in she said she had a tutor. Phil then asked about the hours. Charley said when she's not working she's doing school work Not a lot of time for hanging about with your mates then interjected Fern Asked what her mates thought of it, Charley said they think its brilliant.
Fern asked which GCSE's she will be taking, Charley replied. Expressive arts, English, subjects like that.
What after that? asked Fern
Charley: I don't really know
Fern: Stick with Emmerdale?
Charley. I hope so
Fern: Have they been very kind to you? Have they looked after you?
Emma: Just a bit..... noooooo we get on like a house on fire, it's great.
Phil: Did you guys work together when you (pointing at Charley) were up for audition?
Emma: No I was told a girl called Charley Webb had got the job then we met for the first time
Debbie came in to live with Paddy and Emily so there was no Charity storyline they kind of worked it in that way. It was a slow progress.
Fern: At the moment Debbie doesn't know that Cain is her father, Cain doesn't know the only two
people that do are Charity and Zoe.
Emma: Yes she confided in Zoe. As she always does
Phil: It's time to tell now I think
Emma: Of course it's inevitable really
Fern: Chris will hit the roof
Emma: I know all the fireworks will go up. We've just been filming that it was fantastic.
Fern/ Phil: Ahhhhhhh have you
Emma: So it's all going to develope and unveil it's self
Phil: Lets have another clip:
It was the one where Charity bought Debbie the coat.
Fern: Poor Emily
Emma: it was gale force winds aswell did you hear that?
Fern: The jealousy there was very interesting, it's a triangle there between the three women isn't it?
Emma: Completely, it's great fun though doing it, we seem to have better fun doing all that
Charley: Yeah
Phil what more fun doing the rows.
Emma Yeah it's just that conflict is the best kind of scenes to act really.
Phil:( to charley) Have you any idea which direction you want to take your acting in?
Charley: I'm think happy doing Emmerdale hopefully so hopefully stay in that for however long
but I've no idea after that.
Fern: You've got a lot of brothers and sisters haven't you?
Charley yup 2 brothers and 2 sisters
Fern And have they all got showbiz acting bug aswell?
Charley one of them has and another is a make up artist
Fern: Ohh keep it in the family.
Phil: It was your brother in Coronation street?
Charley yup
Phil as the policeman?
Charley yup
Fern: Have you got a large family aswell?
Emma: My sister is a fashion designer, there's just my sister she is a year older than me
Fern: so who does she design for?
Emma: She just makes her own clothes she has a little shop in Leeds. In the Corn Exchange
Fern : How fantastic, perhaps we should bring her down she could do beat the stylist.
Emma: She would love that
Phil: Would she? would she like it?
Emma: Oh yeah she's got a lot of talent.
Phil: Marvelous we'll have a word with them about that.
Emma: Hi Gill
Phil: what's her name?
Emma: Gillian
Phil: stay tuned Gillian will be on here very soon.
lots of laughter all around
Phil: and you're into juicers?
Emma: Oh yeah after I've been out for my run I come home and stick my carrots in and ginger and everything else
Fern: Fit girl
Emma: I don't know not that fit.
Fern: But you are building up for a marathon?
Emma: I don't know perhaps next year.
Fern: It was lovely to meet you both.
Good-byes were said.