Emma Atkins on This Morning

First was shown a synopsis of Charity's life in Emmerdale
Fern introduced Emma.
Phil. It's great fun
Emma, it is it's brilliant after 3 years I still can't believe all the storylines I've been involved in.
Fern, The twists and the turns of this current one, what is going to happen next?
Emma I can't let you into that one but, she's going to come up fighting the truth will out she is innocent you know. And if it doesn't come out in the 6th month it will do in the 7th.
Fern Ahhh, well Chris was such a manipulator wasn't he? And even on his death managed to wreck everyone's lives.
Emma yeah and he did love her as well
Fern, I feel quiet sorry for Charity you know, in one sense you don't know how she feels she can spin on a sixpence.
Emma Yes she hides she's quiet clever and keeps it in to herself although she is confrontational, hence all the big storylines she is like a roller coaster ride all up and down.
Phil. And have you managed to get though this big storyline mentally ok and not messed up any lines.
Emma, It's been absolutely mental, I don't know how I've managed it. I feel flattered that I'm right in the middle of this fantastic storyline, but I don't know how I've remained sane, you can't but help take your work home with you, I've had so many scenes where Charity cries.
Phil you've said in the past that's it's such a heavy workload.
Emma, Yeah it is we are doing 6 episodes weeks now. I don't know how we are managing to-do it.

A clip of Debbie visiting Charity was then shown.

Fern She's wonderful is Debbie.
Emma, she is yes we are good mates too.

Fern lets have a game now, to see what sort of person you are.
Earlier they had given a hand writing expert a sample of Emma's handwriting.
He said she is not the type of person afraid to make mistakes. She said yes probably true she isn't warier about admitting she is wrong.
You have a fantastic sense of humour. She smiled at that and said she wasn't good at cracking jokes, asked if people mad her laugh she said yes.
Fern you are ambitious?
Emma Yes
Fern and you like to-do things behind the scenes too? Peter Thinks you would really enjoy writing and directing.
Emma. I've done a little bit of writing just a little monologs I put on at Salford university love writing but would never imagine being a writer although I do love to dabble.
Fern Directing too, it says here.
Emma, Ohhhhh I think I'd be crap at that.
Phil, And er do you have a bit of a temper
Emma Well I'm quite placid until I have a row with my boyfriend I suppose
Phil and?
Emma, well I suppose I can be a bit erratic sometimes.
Fern What can start you off?
Emma Tiredness and someone not admitting they are wrong really.

Fern Right here is the quiz. How well do you know your character Charity?
Fern How many people has charity slept with in the show?
Emma, too many, too many in the family? I'd say about 4
Fern, well it's 5 you probably weren't counting Zoe. There was councillor Ecklston, Chris Zoe Cain and Marlon.
Phil a councilor for £200 not bad eh? How many of her cousins has she slept with?
Emma Two, my mums going to hate this.
Fern How many relationships has she ruined?
Emma Probably every single on she can't seem to touch anything without ruining it.
Fern Or none, unless you count the one between Her and Chris.
Phil. How many funerals has she been to?
Emma 2?
Phil 2 is good butch and Angies.
Fern And how many weddings?
Emma her own and someone else's but I can't remember.
Phil, Terry and Dawns.
Fern There we are thank you very much for coming, I know you can't tell us what is going to happen.
Emma She'll come up fighting I'm sure.