Sandy Walsh
This morning

During the soap updates on TM Sandy Walsh who plays Frances Marsdon was a guest.
First things talked about was Ronnie and his affairs, Sandy said she couldn't say what she thought about
him on day time TV as it was a bit rude.
Fern gave a run down of Frances Character, of how she always put her children first, and stayed at home, may
be that's what made him go a bit peculiar?
Sandy answered. Saying it was a stereotype that could have been avoided, adding Philip could back her up
on that men don't have affairs just because they have a dowdy wife at home.
Philip looked shocked said it was the truth as his very attractive wife was at home watching and could testify to.
She said Frances too was religious an Irish Catholic. And we all know what Irish Catholics are like.
Fern said there's another stereo type.
This is the last straw for you said Fern, lets have a look at the clip of the aftermath.
They showed Frances picking the axe and smashing the place up.
Great fun said Philip.
Fern asked if there was a part of Sandy that when she does a scene thinks I've got to clear all this up afterwards.
No said Sandy the only thing I worried about in that scene was the camera man, he was very close and the axe was rather sharp.
Where you picturing the producer? asked Philip. And thinking how dare you not renew all our contracts?
No answered Sandy, laughing.. I wasn't thinking, not ex lovers just my eyes and following the camera man.
It' a shame you have to go , was it you said there was no where left to take the family?
Yes I think everything had happened to them and happened very quickly, it would have been nice in a way though to talk about what Fern said
as in a way it was possible that Frances did contribute to Ronnie's infidelity because she focused on her children
especially Paul she had a very close relationship with him. May be Ronnie may have felt shoved aside, it may have been nice to have resolved that
on screen. It's hard because in a way Ronnie was a kind of weak person she was the matriarch and he didn't stand behind her.
Fern said she was looking forward to the scenes, said it was nice to meet Sandy, and Good-bye.