Freya Copland on This Morning
12th March 2002
The Section started with Fern saying, it had been a funny old Year for Angie, he husband has run off with Lady Tara her son is in prison for killing a headmistress and her daughter has just had a fling with her ex.
A clip of this coming Fridays episode was then shown, with Zoe trying to kiss Angie. There was no need to be so cruel. Said John.
Aye what a mean cow I am said Freya.
Fern asked of this was going to affect the relationship between the two of you, or will you be able to sort it out?
Hopefully it will sort it out said Freya, they old just become friends last Friday.John noted that at the moment neither Angie or Zoe had friends. Freya said she hadn't had a friend since Sarah Sugden was killed, so hopefully they will become friends. It's nice to have a friend.
John said that she's had some great stories over the last two years, Freya agreed John then asked her which was her favourite. I've been in Emmerdale 3 years now. Probably all the break ups stuff of her having an affair with Cain and Cain having an affair with her daughter.

Is was good it kept interest but didn't drag on said John. Are you worried when you get so many good story lines? Do you think they are going to burn the character out? no not really as your having such a good time you don't think about it. Now though I'm not doing quite as much as I was which is good as I don't get so tired.
Fern interjected with it's non stop in the soaps now though isn't it you all work so hard. Fern asked if it was seven day a week shooting, Freya answered it's five days a week, but about three times a year they do shoot weekends as well, just so people can have like
Christmas off and just keep up with the storylines. Fern said, she had read that it was the people who worked in the Woolpack who had it hardest as they have always got to be there. Yup said Angie they do they are always there, You don't want a job behind the bar then ? No Freya replies though she did think of it when she thought she was going to lose her job as a policewoman but she thought No I'll be too tired.
John asks what's all this about you don't like your uniform? I hate it said Freya It's not the most flattering outfit in the world I just hate it.
It makes me look like a teletubbie. It is a genuine police uniform, it's warm which is handy on location
Freya got married last year and is based in London, South Norwood/Crystal Palace. She was then asked about her traveling was it a pain. At the moment she is up and down twice a week She just gets the train, but if she is there for more than a couple of days she drives. Freya says it's the most boring journey in the world really. Is it difficult with do you get the other end and find you've left your fav bra behind? No said Freya I have two of everything. How organised said Fern. Angie agreed yes she was organised.
John asked Fern if she was, I am for Winnie but not for me she replied.
How long are you going to be single for, if it's not going to work out with Zoe. I don't know said Freya, hopefully she'll get someone soon. Fern asked about a big musical again, I'd love to-do one again said Freya. I'll have to start singing again and stop being so horse. Sometime in the future. How are you coping with all the changes, with the exodus? Bernice is leaving next week. It's sad really, said Freya, while we are together at work we connect and get friendly. But when people leave they have other commitments and are busy so we lose touch. Bernice should be on the TV for another 6 wks Freya thinks she isn't sure though, or isn't giving anything away. Although she doesn't go drinking with her they do have girls nights out. They are more civilized.
What are the uncivilized nights like then? asked Fern. Very debauched really, was the reply. Very Drunk.
The interview closed with John saying he is looking forward to Friday.

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