This morning
with Richard and Judy. 22/01/01

Angie and Tara were sharing a sofa and chatting away like old friends. Well the actresses that play the characters who play them were, they appeared on R & J this morning. It started with a basic visual update of the story of Sean and Taras relationship so far. Lots of TM mistakes, a clip from tomorrows episode wasn't shown at first, the researchers had told R & J that the it was a clip from tonights.

They started off by asking how long the affair had been going on, truthfully both actresses answered they weren't sure as they film somuch in advance and out of order it gets confusing. Angie was asked if she would be going of with Cain.... Her answer " who knows" Well she does know but wasn't saying.
There was talk of the spark between Angie and Cain.

Asked what she was doing in the Woolpack on her own in the clip for tomorrow Anna said Tara was a blazon hussy and has a charm all of her own, Freya joined in and agreed saying cow.

There was talk of the chocolate advert Anna does. Asked if they spelt special while a story line centered around them, they said no just means you have to be in every day and no one gives a monkeys. That both laugh while saying that.

Freya has been in one episode of the Bill all the rest of her work has been stage work. She knows she is in Emmerdale til December but after that who knows (I take it that's renewal of contract time)

Anna was asked if she was posh in real life she said no. Her boyfriend is the new doc in Corrie apparently a "dish" Asked about living arrangements Anna and he have their own flats in both London and where they work so she spends time commuting between all 4 places.

Freya's boyfriend is an actor so she too commutes a lot.

They both were asked if they watched Emmerdale and if the other halves gave constructive criticism on their performances, it was yes in both cases.

Next Judy emphasized that it was on every night this week, again I got the feeling the researchers didn't know it was on 5 nights a week. But then it was Judy who was saying the confrontation was on tonight hesitated and looked puzzled, changed it to say she thought it was tomorrow, both actresses agreed with her. Richard jumped in with we were told it was tomorrow...

They changed back to the story line and Angie said she wasn't having Sean back in the house this week, so the storyline would run on for some time yet. Apparently Lady T will go swanning off on a holiday for awhile, but she will be back!!

Anna was asked about train travel after the accident, she was nervous at first but is now back on the trains

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