Carlos on Big Breakfast

Gary was introduced as dish of the day.
He said he couldn't speak Spanish, and he was disappointed because he wanted to be on the bed, instead he and his interviewer were sitting on bails of hay out in the sunshine.
Gary was asked to explain what was going on "down on the farm".
He told the story of how Carlos was having an affair with the vicars wife, who was his girlfriends sister and his bosses daughter. Talk then went on of the massive snog....... no tongues though said Gary with a smile.... and the first kiss was at 8am on a Monday morning. He talked again as he has in other interviews of the kisses and how he and Sam prepared.

When asked if he could justify Carlos' behavior he said yes it was love.
He was stopped once by a lady in a supermarket who told him he should leave the lovely Bernice alone, in the end he had to explain what he did was written down for him.
He was then asked if he was disappointed that he didn't win the sexiest male category at this years British soap awards. No he said he wasn't. He explained he has always been him, and just because he gets a job on Emmerdale people start calling him a sex symbol he modestly shrugs it off.

He was then asked if the producers scrutinized his appearance, yes he said. After the Christmas holidays, he though Carlos would suit some sideburns, he was allowed to keepthem for about a fortnight ( I saw them in Febuary and I liked them) before they had to go.

Time for a question about soapstars..... what do you think of it Gary?
He saw popstars and was gripped by it, the thought as long as they treat people fairly
and let people know what they are in for and what the business is about it could be quite a good thing.
He was then asked about the rumour that is was Emmerdale the winners would end up on.
A very definite I don't know came out of Gary's mouth, but the interviewer asked if that was a I do know but
I'm not telling....Gary laughed.
Gary was next asked about the atmosphere was like now that it has been announced several top members of the cast are going to be axed, great he said you read it in the paper we read it in the paper.....we were as surprised as you were. No one yet knows what is going on so it is mostly the press have been talking about it, you can't believe all you read.

Gary was then thanked and told he could go on the bed next time he was there.


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