Gary Turner on This Morning
Gary was in for a busy morning on TM today. First came the interview. They talked about the wedding that never was. When he first saw the script he thought after Nicola's revelation
he thought there's no lines they've not given me any lines. Perhaps the floor should open and swallow him up...
There was then a clip of tonight's episode, including Carlos getting a right hander from Nicolas mum.
He was asked if Carlos is happy now he can be with the woman he loves?
Yes said Gary all Carlos ever want was for this to out in the open so he could be with the woman he loved.
"How are the villagers going to take it?"
Public enemy number one Ashley didn't deserve any of this, him being the vicar as well.
He started a sentence walking the streets becomes.... then stopped and went on to, Carlos is of the mind they'll get over it he'll get over it. It's a bad patch... That ended the interview but Gary was to stay and help the resident cook, cook.
Gary had bought in the ingredients for the recipes.
Sea Bass spring onions mushroom biscuits and Ammeretto amongst other things. They had 25 minutes to cook a three course meal. During the tasting, Gary said he was back up to the Woolpack this afternoon. He also said he would be leaving Emmerdale at Christmas. Asked what he was going to do he said a bit of this and a bit of that. Nothing definite yet.


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