This morning with Richard and Judy.
Judy Richie and richard.

The interview with Glen Lamont started with a complete rundown of the Sarah/Richie storyline in picture form, right up to the fire that killed her.
The first question Richard asked was will Richie drop Andy in it tonight, he was told he would have to watch tonight(22/3/01). A preview of Richie talking to Angie about changing his evidence was shown.
Judy commented that Glen had been in Emmerdale for two years now, this is his first TV job although he has been in theatre before. Glen said he had known he had wanted to be an actor since the age of 9.
He also attended the National Youth Threatre when he was 16 for a summer workshop. Same weekly workshop as Angela Griffin and MelB. Richard asked if you have to be driven to be an act, Glen said yes as you do get a lot of knock backs. Glen had audtioned for Emmerdale once before for the part of Pete the lorry driver. Glen who plays 20 year old Richie is infact 27. He thought he had done well for Peter, but was told he wasn't right for the part but they would be writing a part for him in the new year, he went away thinking he'd heard that before..... Anyways he got the call and there he is as Richie still alive, whilst poor Pete is no more, mind you Glen said if he gets together with Kathy he doesn't think he will be for long though.
At the end of the interview Judy asked Glen to stay behind to present the "This Mornings mother of the year award! Which he did, complete with a kiss for the lucky lady.

Giving the award
sash time
kiss for the winner

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