Malandra was caught by Noel and received her gotcha
Noel in disguise
Looking at the script
Geting prepared
Giggling at the first thing she has todo
Just checking her lines
Now will they guess the sound of this?
What could this noise possibly be?
If this doesn't work
Then try again
Will they guess a gargle?
Will I survive the gargle?
This noise should be easy
A munching sound for the kids
Malandra makes mash
The mouth Organ
A small guitar
Now which end is which?
Ahhhhhh Here we go
Malandra reads her script.
A break between noises
One honk or two?
A knock at the door
Malandra looks puzzled
She is sure she knows that face
A look of amazement as it dawns a "Gotcha"
I've always wanted one of these said Malandra

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