Jeff and Emma on This Morning
Thanks to Coz for the transcript.
Fern: Cain, you're still up to your horrible tricks.
Jeff: I know, I'm sorry.
Emma: Evil.
Fern: Oh you're bad. Welcome Jeff, welcome
Emma. Lovely to have you here.
Emma: Thank you. Thanks for inviting us.
Phillip: Nice to see you.
Jeff: Nice to see you.
Fern: Another good storyline.
Jeff: I know.
Fern: Now the viewers know that you're the dad, don't they.
Emma: Yes.
Jeff: They do.
Fern: But you don't know that yet.
Jeff: No.
Phillip: Don't tell him.
Jeff: I didn't know it was in the story neither. I was watching the show the other week and I was sat there and I suddenly heard Cain's the father from Charity's lips and I was like "I didn't know it happened then. I thought it was gonna happen months down the line." But no.
Fern: There you are, you see.
Emma: He doesn't find out for quite a while aswell.
Fern: You had to confide in Zoe.
Emma: Zoe, and she betrayed me. Not intentionally I don't think. But there is a slight kind of triangle going on with who's loyal to who, which is really interesting. And then the triangle becomes abit bigger and then you kind of come in.
Jeff: Join in, yeah.
Fern: Cos Charity, she's a very interesting character, isn't she. Shes a go getter, gets what she wants. She's been a lady of an unsavoury background.
Jeff: Of the dark hours.
Emma: Yeah, she's come from the rough and ready side of life, yeah.
Fern: Married the richest man in the village, had an affair with his sister, previously had an affair with her cousin, has a baby.
Emma: It just keeps going though.
Fern: It goes on and on and on.
Emma: It does, just when you think it can't get any worse, more skeletons just jump out. It's great, I love it. You can't beat playing a character that's got so much scope.
Phillip: And lovely to be up front, to be central.
Emma: Yeah, I feel really privileged. We both do, don't we. We've had some brilliant storylines.
Jeff: Yeah. Well, we both started at the same time about 3 years ago...
Fern: Was that Butch's funeral?
Emma: Yeah
Jeff: ...and we've had the same sort of trajectory in the storylines. It's been really nice.
Fern: Anyway, it was your first acting job.
Emma: It was, yeah.
Fern: Fantastic. What a job.
Emma: Yeah, I was thrilled to bits. I was still doing my degree, so I was pooing my pants. I was really nervous. But it went alright, you know. I'm still here after 3 years, so I feel really chuffed.
Phillip: You also poo your pants in the hairdresses aswell, don't you.
Emma: Well, my mum does my hair. I won't go to a hairdresses.
Phillip: You've got a phobia.
Emma: Yeah.
Phillip: Where does this start from?
Emma: Just cos I went to a hairdresses when I was 11 and I asked for a simple cut and nothing else and she cut it all off and permed it and I know. It just spanned from there, really.
Jeff: Is that what that photograph's about?
Emma: Yeah and the photograph occurs in the show, funnily enough.
Jeff: With the perm.
Emma: You know Debbie shows a photograph of Charity?
Fern: Yes.
Emma: Well, that was my 80s major hair disaster.
Phillip: And so you haven't gone back to the hairdresses since then?
Emma: Not really, no.
Phillip: Your mum does your hair.
Emma: Yeah.
Fern: Well, she's very good.
Emma: Thank you. She'll be well chuffed.
Fern: Is she a hairdresser?
Emma: Well, she trained years ago, so does occasionally cut people's hair.
Fern: Well, I'm very impressed. She should come round.
Emma: I'll give you her number.
Fern: Yes please.
Phillip: Absolutely, do.
Jeff: She's good, she's done mine aswell, actually.
Emma: Yeah.
Fern: Has she really?
Phillip: Has she?
Jeff: She has.
Phillip: There is a sort of similar look, actually. If you look at the 2 of them, she has got this sort of...this is like a er...what do you call's like a signiture dish as far as a chef is concerned.
Fern: Yes, signiture cut.
Phillip: Signiture cut.
Phillip: And how are you coping with life as abit of a sex symbol? What's the reaction?
Jeff: Erm, well, one that my girlfriend and my mother are laughing about it, really. About being a sex symbol.
Phillip: Yeah.
Jeff: Erm, I don't know, it's bizarre really, I find. I get sort of older women liking me.
Phillip: Zoe, your girlfriend was Rhona of course, wasn't she.
Jeff: She was, yeah.
Phillip: Yeah, so she's not in it now.
Phillip: N'o, shes working at the West Yorkshire playhouse, which is good, cos she's up in Leeds, so we're up there together at the moment.
Fern: Oh, thats nice.
Phillip: And does she see you as something of a sex symbol do you think?
Jeff: Well, I hope so. I think so, yeah. Maybe at first. I mean, it's 8 years now. Maybe she's just er...maybe im just, you know.
Emma: Oh no, she loves you.
Jeff: She does.
Phillip: And do you think as far as the pair of you are concerned. I mean you're sort of still central to the role.
Emma: We're loving it, aren't we.
Jeff: No, it's great. And like I say, we joined at the same time and we've been sort of really close since, so to get a story together at last. We did have a story together at first, but you know, I've been off with Freya doing the Angie storyline and you've been working with Peter doing the Chris...
Fern: That was the last time we saw you of course, wasn't it, when you lost Angie.
Jeff: That's it. And now something else.
Emma: Yeah, but Charley's brilliant aswell, who plays Debbie.
Jeff: Yeh, the new girl.
Emma: She's great.
Jeff: She's fantastic.
Emma: We love her, don't we.
Jeff: Well, it's great to have a new energy into the sort of cast and she's a little ball of fun.
Emma: She's as bright as a button.
Fern: Well, Emmerdale is going up and up and up and everybody's loving it and talking about it. And it's nice to see you again.
Emma: Thanks for inviting us.
Fern: Come and see us again soon.
Emma: Oh yeah.
Jeff: Oh yes.
Phillip: Thanks for coming in. Good stuff.