Freya and Jeff
On This Morning with Fern and Philip


Phillip introduces a synopsis of the storyline.
After which Fern introduces both Cain and Angie.
Fern asks "what makes Cain so irresistible after he has tried to murder you, slept with your daughter, blackmailed you got you demoted at work."
Animal instincts, Freya thinks.
Jacci stevens was disappointed at not being here as she is a great fan of Cains.
Fern then asked Jeff what attracted Cain to Angie. The unobtainable for him thinks Jeff,
Fern then says that Cain turns Angie into a bad girl, but Jeff says it's not all Cain
it's her as well
We were then shown a preview of tomorrow's episode.
It is Angies idea that they should take the phones.
Angie tells Cain if he hasn't got the bottle then he is out for good.
Back to the studio.
Phillip ask what they thought people knew or were guessing of the up and coming story.
He is always conscious of spoiling the story for people.
Freya said she thinks people know what is happening and didn't take much prompting to say she died.
It wasn't Freyas choice to leave but when she was told her contract wasn't being renewed, she
asked for Angie to die. Although ultimately Freya doesn't think Angie dying was anything
to do with her.
Freya likes closure and things finished.
Although as Philip noted She keeps going back to visit people, her leaving party someone else's
the next week, then the 30th party after which another leaving party, she isn't going back now until after Christmas.
Fern asked if she was missing it, Cain jumped in and said it was like a family there
and close friendships are made.
Then the surprise of the morning...... a clip from Corrie with none other than Jeff in it.
He said that was his second part in Corrie.
They were then thanked for coming and Fern said she was looking forward to seeing Friday, and
she had heard Cain has a bumpy ride ahead of him.


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