James and Jeff join the This Morning sofa.
As usual the interview began with an update of Jason's storyline.
Then both stars were introduced.
Jefffff you get to do all the evil things in the village and get to kiss the girls as well I kissed her first interjected James.
The story of Jason and Latishas kiss, it was Danielle's first kiss in the show. She was very nervous, he said don't be it's just a kiss, when it came to film James had a bad tummy but didn't say anything. And then .... there was this noise and they both laughed and laughed they had to stop filming. That broke the ice and it was OK
James went to to say he was leaving as for him it was time to try other things, part of him was sad though as he is working with a good bunch of people.
Whereas Jeff said he at the moment was happy to stay in the show, glad to be in steady work.
Asked what was going to happen now Jason was leaving, Jeff said that she carried on with Cain
he leads her down a dark path, but he wouldn't say whether Cain ditches her or not. Talk then moved to talk of later in the year. Jeff is going to do a play in March with Anna Brecon .
Next came Harry Potter, Jeff agreed there were rumours that he was to be playing Sirus Black in
Harry Potter, but he doesn't know that much about it, it would be nice but could be daunting. But he did emphases he knew nothing about it
As Jason is only going to Leeds there is a possibility that he could pop back for party's and celebrations
At the moment he is doing a dating show, the hardest thing about it was dating girls They all laughed when Jeff said You mean you're not gay...
Fern told Cain to be kind to Latisha, Jeff replied, just for you Fern I will.

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