Jeff Hordley
GMTV 12/09/03
This morning started off with 3 photos and a clip from Emmerdale.
After seeing the clip Jeff was asked if it meant he was the guilty one.
Not I he said I think they have the wrong three people, it should be
Betty, Seth and Edna.
Asked about hints, Jeff said it was one of those three..... Betty Seth or Edna.
He then blames the whole mess on Charity saying she was the one having the affair.
The lady is at fault.
Jeff then gave the build up to the story saying the climax was next week.
When asked for more he said "certain things" have given it away..... hints had been printed in the media.
Asked when he new the storyline he said they all tended to know when the scripts came out.
Maybe 4 weeks before filming.
When Jeff was spotted for the part of Cain he was playing a posh Manchurian in a play called Hidden Markings. He was invited along
for an interview. Emmerdale has been his good break, great job a great bunch of people and a great part.
Asked if he would still be around after the climax of the story, Jeff confirmed he would be.