GMTV Monday 14th March 2005

John has been in Emmerdale for 10 years the first 2 or 3 years he was bought in as and when he was needed. Towards the end of that contract he said that if he wasn't needed more he'd rather not renew. Then along came Bernice there was a scene where he was flirting with Bernice and Betty said "back off he's a vicar" someone picked up on that and decided to develop it.
There was then a scene with Ashley and Laural
"Laural was the last in a line of lovelys" said Fiona
John said it must be a dog collar thing. Fiona said it was because Ashley was a good listener and they were hard to find After stating the bishop wasn't happy with t he relationship John was asked if he thought it would all turn out ok. He said he should think so but he didn't know when he wasn't sure if and when but probably, he said though he was chatting to someone at work and it is the sort of thing a Bishop would all. Fiona hoped it would
when asked about the 4000th episode and does know what happens he said yes but he isn't telling., he hates to know the end or even the middle of a book that he has just started reading. fiona reminded the viewers that John was back with Lorraine later and said goodbye.

With Lorraine it was said that Emmerdale was going through a good patch at the moment, he mostly repeated what was said earlier saying again how he got the full time job when someone saw him and Bernice together. He also praised the writers,saying without them it wouldn't be so good. Lorraine that Ashley was a genuinely good person and there's not many of them around. John said Ashley didn't mind if he fell on his face, he was always looking for the good in people. Lorraine said he must be very attractive to women because look at all the women the has pulled. Asked how much was he told about Ashley to be able to play him, John said he remembers when he was first asked to play him that he was supposed to have come from a deprived area and he has to deal with tough children, poor people and things like that.He said he has tried to stay true to that and not become a cliched vicar, and from that what sort of man would he be? To look behind the dog collar.Once the writers had done that, then they new what to do with him.
A clip of Ashley and Laurel was shown again. Lorraine said it was so sad. .
Lorraine spotted a badge on John coat, it was the tall ships badge from Newcastle .where John spends half his life the other half being in a flat in Harrogate.
John has two great passions one is reading the other walking. He is going on a trek in January for the children's society in costa Rica.
On june the 4th he is doing a shorter walk over the 5 bridges of Newcastle again for the Children's society.
Lorraine wished him luck and the interview ended.

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