John Middleton on Live Talk

When the reverend Ashley Thomas turned up in Emmerdale, he was an instant hit
in fact the parishioners couldn't have asked for a better vicar. Then he married the pub landlady.
With those word and clips from the wedding John Middleton was introduced.

The first words to John was "you haven't got your dog collar with you then?
Then it was said that the wedding seemed long ago. It does said John it was Christmas and Bernice is still as beautiful as ever.
But now they are having a bad time with the misscarriage and everyhting. Asked if he thought Bernice would go off with Carlos, John said with a grin "I think it could be on the cards, yes"
Has Ashley got anyone apart from God? was the next question. John didn't think Ashley would be running amok around the village on some sort of sex revenge spree.
He was then asked if people ever came up to him and tried to confess things.
Not the cast they know me too well, but people do like to unburden themselves as though I could be a help which I can't..
Nadia remembered she had interviewed him on another show, and said she had got the urge to ask him to stay behind so she could talk as he has "that way" about him.
John said he wonders if he was cast because he looked like that, or people think he looked like that because
of Ashley. He did think people opened up to him because he had that sort of face.
He was then asked if he saw the new programme survivor last night. He missed it but had read the reviews.
It was commented that they new he was a great fan of soaps but how did he think they rated against "reality TV" such
as big brother and survivors.
John thinks reality TV is very good very entertaining, it's just a pity gone are the days when we talk
of Elsie Tanners latest affair or dramas such as Cathy come home which shocked the nation questions where asked in the house
and Shelter was formed. Now we get people talking about nasty nick and who's going to be the first to a million by
stabbing people in the back and eating grubs. Nadia came in then with and putting actors out of work.
Next came up there was not enough drama made, drama is expensive,games shows are very cheap and will get
just as high in the ratings, and thats what the TV companies are looking for.
He was then asked what was wrong with game shows. With a laugh John said there's nothing wrong with game shows actually I enjoy game shows.
John was then asked, if he saw him self stranded on a desert island, he said he'd be hopeless at it for one reason that he'd start bossing people around plus it would combine two of his worst fears one being a fear of heights. The other is seafood, he can't stand it.
"No one can say you're a macho man if you frightened of prawns." Fits of laughter all round as the programme came to a close.



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