Kay Purcell on the Psychic Show
The runes appear on todays show, the rune reader Teresa deduced that the person backstage was a woman and motherly.
They've either moved or will be making changes to the home They are creative possibly an actress and at the moment are doing something they enjoy.
They could be quiet a different person to what people see, they are very self contained.
They like to spend time on thier own.
There is a travel or overseas conection, so they either know someone overseas or may be going to live thier in the future.
New beginings and ferility show which mean it's someone who has got where they want to be or
will be with in the next 6 months. It may be have been fort hard for.
The ladies gut feeling was if the guest was't a mother now sometime in her life she would be.
A connection with horses came up either the guest or a child likes them.
Kay was then introduced to Teresa the rune reader, Kay was amazed the only thing that puzzled her
was the horse as yet her two children are not into horses.
The new beginings Kay said was because Emmerdale was coming to an end for her.
The overseas connection was both Kays father and husband are Jamacian.
Kay then asked a question, she was wondering if with the family thing, would it resolve.
She was told to take 3 runes to see what was going on around her son.
A difficult time she wanted to rush in he needs support but don't take charge, he is very like Kay people around him are not quiet the right influance , he is out growing this and will find himself. Kay must have patience.
They were both thanked and the programme ended.

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