Andy and Katie on This Morning.

As usual the background story is told, this time instead of extracts Richard sat and told the story of Andy todate.
We then saw a preview of Andy and Sammy, Sammy giving Andy her mobile number he can text her.
They were then introduced"Sammy" is 15 and "Andy" 17,.
Richard told Sammy that he felt very protective about the character Andy and he had to ask her a few questions. She answered them in character...
Are your intentions honorable?
Do you drink or smoke?
Do you take drugs? (Richard reminded her it was her character)
No no
Are you a serious student?
do you ever get into trouble with the teachers?
Sometimes yes
Next came another clip., Showing both her and Andy in trouble.
Where have you come from?
School I've got no relatives at the moment.
I meant you said Richard.........
I've never acted before I've done singing and dancing since I was little. This is my first acting job ever.
Richard commented on her looks saying she was pretty,
Judy asked, Kelvin is she nice?
Then as Kelvin chuckled said sorry I wont embarrass you anymore.
When asked how she got the part Sammy said she had a phone call from her agent telling her to go for an Audition. When asked she said the cast were a good crowd.
Richard injected that when they were up there doing the This Morning show, Kelvin couldn't make the
lunch after.
They then spoke about school exams.
Sammy is taking drama GCSE's

Sammy is from Bolton, because she is still at school she can only work 80 days a year.
Judy asked Kelvin if this was going to be a happy story for Andy, not giving to much away he said
they'll see how things progress as it gets into summer. He doesn't know whether its love at first site.
They were both thanked for coming and good-byes were said.



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