Kelvin and Karl with Richard and Judy
The R&J show, on channel 5 Andy and Robert on tonight
It started with a clip with Andy and Katie, at the bus stop
joined then by Robert and Donna.

Judy then introduced the pair saying she had met Kelvin many times, but it was the first time she had interviewed Karl.

Judy started off by saying she liked the way there was more of a teenage element in the programme which seemed to be growing.
Kelvin explained it was like a "brat Pack" when they did the hit and run but now they seem to have split off.

They have finished the community service and Kelvin explained that Andy and Robert had patched things up to Richard.
Richard then asked if the characters learnt anything from it. Kelvin said he didn't think Andy had anything to learn as he had been in every messed up thing.

Richard then asked Kelvin how long he had been in the show. It has been 6 years.
Kelvin is 18, and Karl who has been in the show 8 months is 19.
Karl has been in one or two things before including an episode of Peek Practice. But nothing he said as high profile as Emmerdale.
Karl was nervous about stepping into someone else's shoes, and wasn't sure what to expect. But everyone was nice and it was fine, He and Kelvin get on OK.

Richard asked if Kelvin had taken Karl under his wing a little bit, amidst laughter
Karl said yes he is his little brother.
A levels were mentioned next. Karl has done his, but after last year saying he was going to to them
Kelvin has changed his mind and isn't going to do them.Although he enjoyed school he is now doing what he wants todo.
Apparently the Readers Digest has done a survey on the life expectancy in a soap. In real life you can expect to live until you are 77, in Eastenders it's 45 Emmerdale 40
Brookside 24
Judy said your not going to be there for the next 20 years are you, Emmerdale are because he is leaving Friday....... Judy jumped in Who is? (I think she thought she had a scoop) Robinson Crusoe said Kelvin..... Judy cracked up. Karl looked embarrassed. This is what he is like
all the time said Karl.

Karl was asked what he would like to do in the end, would he like to go to Hollywood? Karl said he thinks that's everyone's dream, but after Emmerdale he would like to do something like Cracker or the Vice

Kelvin was then asked about a nickname he had, Bertie, his friends call him that.
The critics call him dramatic Andy. The programme then came to and end.

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