Kevin Laffan 24th May1922 - 12March 2003
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From the Daily Mail
By Stephen Moyes
THE man behind Emmerdale has died at the age of 80.
Kevin Laffan wrote 262 episodes of the soap after dreaming up the idea of a show set in the Yorkshire Dales 31 years ago.
He had a heart operation two weeks ago but died of pneumonia.
Actress Sheila Mercier, who played Annie Sugden in the serial, said: "He was a wonderful person.
"He was a prolific writer who created one of the most popular programmes on TV."
Emmerdale was originally intended to fill a lunchtime slot for a 13-week run. It now regularly attracts 10 million viewers.
It became the first five nights a week TV soap in Britain and now boasts the second longest run after Coronation Street.
Mr Laffan, who lived in Wimbledon, met the Queen on the set last year.
A spokesman for the show said: "Without his creativity, Emmerdale would not be where it is."

Ginger Bred (as Kevin Barry) (produced 1951)
The Strip-Tease Murder (as Kevin Barry), with Neville Brian (produced 1955)
Winner Takes All (as Kevin Barry) (produced 1956)
First Innocent (as Kevin Barry) (produced 1957)
Angie and Ernie, with Peter Jones (produced 1966)
Zoo Zoo Widdershins Zoo (produced 1969)
It's a Two-Foot-Six-Inches-above-the-Ground World (produced 1969)
The Superannuated Man (produced 1971)
There Are Humans at the Bottom of My Garden (produced 1972)
Adam and Eve and Pinch Me (produced 1974)
Never So Good (produced 1976)
The Wandering Jew (produced 1978)
The Dream of Trevor Staines (produced 1983)
Adam Redundant (produced 1989)

It's a Two-Foot-Six-Inches-above-the-Ground World (The Love Ban), 1973
The Best Pair of Legs in the Business, 1973.

Radio Play:
Portrait of an Old Man, 1961.
Television Plays:
Lucky for Some, 1969
The Best Pair of Legs in the Business, 1969
You Can Only Buy Once, 1969
Castlehaven series, 1970
Kate series, 1970
A Little Learning, 1970
The Designer, 1971
Decision to Burn, 1971
Fly on the Wall (trilogy), 1971
The General, 1971
Emmerdale Farm, 1972, 1977
Justice series, 1973
The Reformer, 1973
Getting Up, 1973
Beryl's Lot series, with Bill McIlwraith, 1973, 1977
After the Wedding Was Over, 1975
It's a Wise Child, 1975 for Bud Flanagan programme.
Virgins Are in Short Supply 2001