Leah Bracknell on GMTV
The interview starts off with the interviewer walking on to the set sayinglife is never easy for Emmerdales lesbian scisophrenic vet, and she leaves on Friday with an
explosive storyline He thought he'd pay her visit before she set the place on fire.

After saying Leah looked very at home on the sofa and that she had been in the show for 14 years he asked her about the storyline and, Leah said she was enjoying herself very much at the momentwith the storylines. They then went back over the past stories including Chris' kidnap.

A clip was shown of the fire at homefarm.

Leah was saying that everything that had happened over the last year made Zoe finaly lose it. She had also stopped taking her medication.

Saying that as she was taking a break from Friday what would she be doing, Leah replied
"Absolutly nothing" She just wanted time out to spend with her family not rushing about.

Asked about her vetinary skills she said she'd be absolute rubbish, laughingly she added
she didn't even like animals very much. She likes them but at a distance. What hasn't helped is she had been kicked a couple of times.

Leah gave a tour of the set mentioning on the way round that the documents have Zoes name on them
She even pointed out where the carpet was that Chris died on saying she had taken it up and re decorated since then.

I think they cut off the interview before it had finished cos after that, it was back to t he studio and they were saying we are back with Emmerdale tomorrow.