Leah on This morning
First we saw a little of the court case, then Fern introduced Leah.
Straight onto the storyline, and Leah agreed Zoe wasn't one for a happy ever after.
Fern said she thought Zoe had been manipulating Scott, No said Leah she just pushed him in the right direction, by pointing out a few things.
More was said of the storyline and how Zoe and Charity interacted.
Philip asked about the 6 nights a week and Leahs Yoga video. Leah goes to Yoga at least once a week to chill out.
She hopes be qualified to teach this year but has slowed down because of Emmerdale and doing the video.
Fern said she though it was fantastic to be able todo something outside a job that takes up all of her time.
Leah said the Yoga really helped her and thats why she wanted todo the video to help other people.
The then came a break and Leah was asked to stay for the soap box section.
Denise was very thrilled to be sitting next to "Zoe" Emmerdale being her favourite soap.
We were then treated to updates and previews of the soaps.
Emmerdale left until last.
Denise tried to get out of Leah whether Zoe really knows the truth of Chris's murder. Leah though was keeping tight lipped and wouldn't let a thing slip.
Goodbyes were then said.