Leah Bracknell on LK today
Lorraine: What do your kids think?
Zoe: we've not watched it a lot because of the storyline.
L: They have grown up with it, haven't they? Mummy goes to work and is on Emmerdale.
L: Have you become something of a gay icon do you think? Do you get letters from Gay women?
Z: Men I get letters from men....
L: Do you see yourself with this character for a time to come?
Z: I'm pleased they have kept her going If they made her hetro sexual I'd leave. I Like the lone figure
and hopefully it'll continue?

L: Do you like her, would you go out for a drink with her?

Z: Ummmmm no No. really I like her, she's a much better person than I am I think. I really like her I
like playing her.

L: I think she's quiet feisty she's very loyal.
Z: I think she is surrounded by terrible people she has a terrible brother and a terrible father.
L: When you think about it an think what's happened to her it's not surprise she had terrible mental
difficulties. When you think of what she has been through.
L: Thank you for coming I'll be watching tonight
Z: I'm glad your enjoying it keep watching the storyline I think there's a lot of room still to go with it.

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