Leah Bracknell
This morning

The first thing the viewers were shown was the fire in the church.
Then Leah was introduced.
First mentioned was all the things that had gone on Zoes life. Fern ran through what Zoe was doing at the moment and asked if all the filming was exhausting. Leah replied with
"It has been a challenge and it has come to a climax now, but it has been very rewarding to do. People have responded well to this story, not only fans of the programme but also people who have first hand experience of this problem, or this illness."
Fern went on to ask about research, and what was done for the storyline.
" Not just my self. When they decided it was to be a storyline they went and asked for help people like the
national Schizophrenia fellowship and people at Burnley General hospital. They have been keeping an eye on the scripts, and I too asked if I could speak to them as I had no idea where to start"
John joined in then asking how she did it, she said would probably have been easy to fall into stereotypes and old clichés, which she didn't want to do.
John said it was more like a film, Leah then said she hadn't watched it yet. He likened it to the Omen and Exorcist.
Fern asked what Leah found in her research. To which Leah said she found the media often focused on the more negative aspects of it, and the fact it is an illness. People are not aware what is going on in their heads and the the scariest thing when I talked to people was they described it as when you have a nightmare, but your conscious you're going to wake up, this was like living a nightmare, you cannot wake up from. Your mind is playing games on you all the time you're like a prisoner
John then said he had noticed how, Zoes eyes are darker, Zoe didn't have to say anything you could just tell. Leah said with a smile that was no make up.
Leah was told in December this was where the story was going, and they have been working on it since January.
John asked if Zoe paid for her intelligence as she was a clever girl. Leah laughed an said she paid for being middle class certainly. She said every now and then they sort of get stuck it's difficult with Zoe preferring women that's always been a bit of a problem. That's always been a bit of a problem trying to get stories like that to work, but at the moment this is the kind of story that's preoccupying the minds of everyone. Its the result of quite a few things that's happened to her
She has had quite a few stories she was with Charity who is now married to Chris a couple of years ago she shot her half brother. This story though came as a surprise.
Tonight she was looking forward to her appeal, but did Leah have any idea of what was coming next?
I know a little bit said Leah..... Will she be around for a long time?
The story carries on it just doesn't go away.
A few little twists to come yet yet.
Which storyline has been your favorite?
This one
Talk went back to the fire and Leah said it wasn't like doing Emmerdale for the fortnight they worked on that bit.
Generally Leah likes to keep an eye on her work but as this is a still a bit raw she hasn't been able to bring herself to watch it yet.
Thanks and good-byes were then said.

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