Lorraine Chase
Des and Mel
Dec 2003
Lorraine bounced in, after greetings Des said "This Steph, she is certainly putting down roots isn't she?"
Ask how she manages to keep everything together, Lorriane replied she didn't know,
Steph kept rearing her ugly head. Talk turned to Sherree leav ing, Lorraine explained she was leaving to be with her children, and the hours were long.
Asked what hours, Lorraine said she got their earlier than most as she had to spend an hour and a half on her boat race,Mel looked in disbelief and said "you don't"
"I do girl you better believe it" came the reply.
6.30 am to 7.30 PM can be a typical day.
A clip was then shown of Eric and Steph.
Why is Steph after Eric?
Well she was talking to her mate Fat Shelly (Carolyn Pickles) down the pub and they were saying what were the chances of either of them meeting a man Good looking and solvent at their age. Then she spied Eric.
They moved onto the storm, it had been hard work to film, all night shoots, but it had been wonderful They had helicopters, rain machines and wind machines.
It was hard rehearsing knowing when they go for a shoot all the machines would be switched on.
Then Lorraine demonstrated how they went from walking upright to struggling against the wind.
Lorraine wrote a book a few years ago called" Money and how to make more of it" it was a jargon free book on all matters of looking after finances, when asked why she had done it Lorriane replied she had never been very good with money but had been taught to be debt free, she pays her cards up every month so it works out free interest. As she thought she ought to be a bit clever with money, as people close to her had died so she got a bit panicky and went hunting for a book she could understand that would show her what to-do. When she got it home is was American where things are done differently.
She bumped into Adam Shaw, at a champagne tasting, she suggested then to him they ought to do a book on money how to save or spend it for normal not too rich people.

Lorraine was then asked to spin the wheel for the phone in contestant.