Lucy Pargeter on This morning 15/5/05
Lucy with just four weeks to go of her pregnancy was a guest on the soap spot on TM today.
First a clip was shown of Chas and Carl. She was welcomed and it was said people were on stand-by with hot water and towels incase she went into labour.
A picture was shown that Lucy had done for a magazine she said as she had done so many in her underwear anyway's one of how her body had changed didn't matter and it was fun to do. Lorraine kept saying how beautiful she is.
They then talked about the ways that her pregnancy was hidden on screen. Baskets of washing, boxes of crisps but at least it wasn't a sheep. Lucy finished about two weeks ago. Asked if her last week was intense she replied yes, it was literally 5 days of 13 1/2 hour days of being on her feet behind the Woolpack, it is hard though they have to get it all in and you have to do what you have to do.
But now she can rest and wait for her little girl. She said Rudy had just started putting the nursery together they have nothing ready yet.
Lucy is off Emmerdale for 3 months after her due date. But is missing it all ready. She is having practice contractions so she is defiantly on her way. Lucy has a name for the baby but they are keeping it a secret for the moment She was then given a present, a rug made of artificial grass and daisy's.
Goodbyes were said.

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