Malandra on This morning with Colleen and John

Malandra started by saying how much she has loved her time in Emmerdale.
One of the first questions asked of Kathy was, how did she learn of her sacking was it in the paper as reported? The answer was yes she read it and saw it on breakfast TV and it was nearly two weeks before she got an answer from the "office"
She was called into the office and told by her producer and executive producer yes it was true and they couldn't write anymore stories for her.

John then commented on thats not really the way to treat someone after 17 years.
Malandra said yes she was a little bit hurt but this is TV- soapland and thats the way it is. She added she has had eight producers, and when new ones come along they have there own style and ideas
And if you don't fit on his ship thats the way it goes, its no good getting emotional about it.
Originally Kathy was there for 3 episodes but somehow stayed for 17 years.
A preview was shown and part of Marti Pellows song.
Malandra said she hadn't seen the episode yet,it was filmed at 7.30 am and Marti did originally do 3 live vocals, Malandra said she did get emotional.
Talk was then of Malandras private life of the stalker and having to sell her house. She will now take things one day at a time as yet has nothing planned. She will be staying with her family over Christmas.


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