Mark and Mark with Loraine Kelly

Again clips of Charity and her possible lovers, started this interview. Including clips from tonight's show.
After introductions a very blunt question by Loraine " what is it about Charity though she looks like she gets a chip paper and rubs it in her hair?"
After fits of laughter Loraine said she's a scrubber for goodness sake, Marlon corrected her with she's a prostitute.
What's the attraction? Why is Marlon strangely drawn? Asks Loraine Well they are cousins he is a Dingle so it makes sense came Mark C's reply.
Loraine thought he was the respectable face of the Dingles, but Mark said it was in the genes.
Marlons kiss with Charity just came out of the blue, though he has admired her from afar since he was about twelve. Anything could happen tonight.
Are we in for a shock tonight asked Loraine, "I was shocked when I read the script" said Marlon. " When waking up after fainting" , he went oh it's...... that person" .
Comments where made of the press department keeping it under wraps. Loraine then turned to Andrew and asked why the naughty manager of the stud would be interested in Charity. Mark E replied Andrew was attracted to anybody, he doesn't care. Loraine then mentioned Chris being horrid to Andrew last night when all Andrew wanted to do was catch the post. It was put down to jealousy.. As far as Chris is concerned Andrew is in the frame.
Mark was asked if he liked his character, he replied he loves him he loves the fact he is completely amoral sleeps with everyone and says thank you very much and good-bye. Both men and Loraine were giggling away.
They were asked then about the schedule now Emmerdale has gone 5 nights a week. Mark E used more to stage work is finding the schedule killing, but Mark C said it has always been busy, but it doesn't actually feel like it has gone from three to five nights. Mentioning that extra characters have been brought in.
They were again, congratulated on the BAFTA. Marlon said he just wants to steal it, take it away for the day then bring it back.
Loraine asked if there was much celebrating, there was.. There was a champagne lunch. Mark C added, it was about time we won the show has been very good for a long while, always nearly win, but we've got the big one we've got the BAFTA. We are really proud of it..
You should be said Loraine its consistently very good and it's hard to sustain that over five nights a week
Marlon has been abandoned what's going to happen to him? Asked Loraine?
Poor Marlon said Mark
I really like his character came back Loraine
Marry me marry me was the reply....
Now that's an idea I could come to interview him and we could run off together. More laughter
Mark says it's great he gets lots of comedy then he gets something really sensitive.
The interview finished with a reminder for people to watch the one hour special tonight.


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