Marlon and Andrew on the sofa
It started with a clip of encounters with Charity.
Then Emmon Holmes introduced both Marlon (Mark Charnock) and Andrew (Mark Elstob).
Making the point that Marlon is Charity's cousin.
"It is up there with all the soap whodunits who shot Phil Mitchell? who shot JR who
accosted Toya Battersby no who snogged Charity Dingle?"
By this time Marlon was in fits of laughter.
Straight to the point "Are we going to find out tonight.?" Blunt answer "yes"
How far up the list of suspects do you two feature?
Both Marks looked at each other and said "top 5"
Marlon answered when they were asked if the story lines where made up as they got along or if they knew what was happening.
"I had no idea, I was reading the script got to the last page and went ooooh my god, I was genuinely surprised, it really is quite shocking.
Emmon then said I couldn't hear you who was it again?
Marlon replied "Gee I can't tell you"

Sunday night at the BAFTA's came next, was it as good as Liverpool lifting the UAFA cup last night?
It was far better than that said Marlon we always seem to finish second or we get good reviews but none of the awards, it's a fantastic thing it's such a moral booster, the show is so strong at the moment. I think is someways we're still regarded as the other soap but it isn't true, it's been so well written and brilliantly directed and (with a smile) fantastically acted, Andrew came in and agreed then.

Emmon commented then on how it had changed from when he remembered it as Emmerdale farm, And Andrew being a stud farm manager, these days means something different towhat it did then. He then wished them good luck for the one hour special.

Mark and Mark
Oh my god.
3 on the sofa

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