Mark Charnock
LK today
(January 2004)
First there was a scene at the hospital with Marlon at Tricias sick bed
Lorraine then introduced Mark.
They talked of the storm episodes, Mark said it was just like doing a movie. It was fabulas todo.
The thought it was the biggest story since the plane crash.
From a personal point of view he said it had been great todo, with the big storyline.
Praise has been heaped on Mark and Emmerdale said Lorraine, the critics were saying there's Emmerdale, showing them how to do it. It was since they have put Marlon and Tricia together it has given him an emotional life that had climaxed with her death.
It was hard to say goodbye to Sherree as well, the scenes were very grim with the tubes and everything.
It wasSherress choice to go she wanted to do other things. Mark is enjoying it at the moment the storyline is giving him a chance to do a whole range of emotional feelings.
He has never been bored in the 7 years he has been in it. He loves the work but it can be taxing and he was glad of the break at Christmas.
He is not yet gettng a rest as they intend to follow through and play out the whole of this storyline.
They had a going away party for Sheree in Leeds it was a great bash from what he can remember of it.
Asked if he had a good Christmas he said yes he did a nice traditional one.
Lorraine then thanked Mark for coming said goodbye.