Mark Charnock and Lorraine Chase
This Morning
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They showed the scene of Steph and Marlon kissing.
Lorraine: I hope you always know at a certain age, don't be on top. Big mistake, you know, cos who's skin are you wearing? You've got to be the one down here, not the one over there, but sadly I had no choice.
John: There was no tongues there, was there?
Mark: We couldn't possibly disclose that, it's er technical information.
Fern: Anyway, welcome Mark Charnock, Lorraine Chase, lovely to see you both. For the people who've missed out here, Mark is supposed to be getting to Trish and Trish's mother, Steph, which is you Lorraine has turned up and taken abit of a shine to Marlon.
J: Abit of a man eater really, aren't you.
L: Well, it's very strange, cos when we got the storyline, it didn't sit well, I was abit uncomfortable about it. Anyway, we chatted, cos it needed a kind of delicacy about it and it's quite difficult cos you've got lots of storylines going on and there isn't the time and things. But we kind of agreed it needed to be delicately done and Shirley, the lovely lady who plays Edna said to me "No Lorraine, do it because this does happen. Do it because people who it happens to often need a mirror to see and think 'Crikey, that's what I'm doing." And I thought "Yeah, yeah she's right." And it can't be bad, can it. I mean having to kiss a lovely young man.
M: Oh yeah, a hunk like me.
J: We said hello before we came on and he said "Last time I was on, we were both abit worse for wear." And I said "Yeah I know, and last night aswell." He said "Last night? How do you know that?" I said "I was watching the telly."
M: I was down the pub watching the match last night. Caught out.
J: Well, you were abit worse for wear last night, weren't you. But, well it was fun on the episode.
M: Yeah, yeah, it's all building up. And tonight's episode, I've gotta say, I mean, we're all pretty proud of it really, cos it's brilliantly written by Chris Thompson and brilliantly directed by Tim ?...and Sheree and everybody. I know obviously we're gonna be positive about it. It is a really exciting episode, I think.
J: You do make a very good couple though. You do work. You're very believable.
M: Me and Trish? Oh well you know, Sheree's so great to work with, she's a lovely girl. And I think the characters work so well together because they're characteristics that other people couldn't possibly put up with, they're idiotism. They suit each other perfectly.
L: It was a lovely time to come into it aswell with the 30th anniversary. We had a Queen's visit. It was great cos we go to things we're you're near the queen, but you don't often get to talk to her.
M: She loves Marlon.
J: Yeah?
M: No, I made that bit up.
L: And she came and said "What part are you playing?" And this that and the other and wished me luck. So I thought "Oh, that boads well." Not many people get the lovely queen to wish you luck.
J: We haven't seen you on the telly for a little while.
L: Well, there kinda been a thing in a paper about 6 months before that nobody knew where it came from. My aunty Sissy rang my mum and said "I didn't know she was gonna be in Emmerdale." and my mum went "Mmm." And rang me and said "I didn't know you were gonna be in Emmerdale." I rang my agent "I didn't know I was in Emmerdale." He rang Emmerdale and said "I didn't know she was in Emmerdale." And they said "No, neither did we." So it was kind of odd. And then about 6 months later, they came up with the idea of playing Sheree's mum. And richard, who plays Alan Turner, my dad, Sheree's grandad said "Honestly Lorraine, it's uncanny, cos we are very alike. We both talk too much and we've got the same mannerisms." And it's often quite difficult, cos if we get into an argument, we often stand there doing the same thing cos we have the same actions.
F: But that's brilliant.
L: Yeah, it's fab. And it's brilliant for me, cos I don't have children. Mark here's got 3.
F: Have you really?
J: He's a busy boy.
L: Just had a new one.
F: How old are they all?
M: 6, 4 and er 4 and a half weeks.
F: And you were in the pub watching the football?!
M: Well, you know.
L: Was there a game on last night? What football game was on last night?
M: It was 2-2 as you full well know.
L: 2-2? What, that with...
M: Let it go, let it go.
F: Lorraine and I are laughing politely, we haven't a clue.
L: Well actually, when I got in the Harry McNabb last night, when I got into the station, the geezer was listening to it and he said "Oh, don't ask what the score is", cos I think we were one down.
F: Sorry, I had to do abit of translation there. When you got in the Harry McNabb, it was the cab, wasn't it.
J: Why aren't you in Eastenders rather than Emmerdale?
L: Well we've been having a lovely gossip, cos we did panto together.
F: We worked together years ago and she used to say to me after the show "Oh, I'll go and take the crap off the boat." I said "Take the crap off the boat?" Take the make-up off her face.What are you saying?
L: Oh, take this make-up off. It used to frighten all the kids.
F: Oh I'm sorry, I said such a rude word there, I'm sorry.
L: When you got close up to them, I used to come off and say to them "Those poor children." It's alright when you're on stage, but dear me, when you get close up, it's horrifting.
J: What were you playing you two?
L: Well I was Dick and Fern was Fairy...
F: I was Fairy Bowbells (?)
L: And she was wonderful.
F: Oh, I was dreadful.
L: And there was a lovely song that Fern sang beautifully.
F: Let's not even go there. It was horrendous.
L: We;re over, but give us a little rendition of one of your little poems.
F: If you want more information on Emmerdale's 30th anniversary celebrations, check out our website...
J: That didn't rhyme!
F: Mark and Lorraine, thank you both so much. Lovely to see you. I'll be watching tonight.

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