Mark Charnock on GMTV
Mark said he was smiling this morning,He went to the National Theatre the previous night and met John Lindsay.
The interviewer said he liked that, the idea of a soap actor getting star struck.
Mark was asked about Patsy Kensit as she had just started in Emmerdale. He said she was very nice and down to earth. She was very good as well, a good actress.
Mark enjoys playing Marlon because they give him a great spectrum of stuff todo, from Comedy to the dramatic stuff, Mark said he did lots of research on the net on grieving as he didn't want to sell the story short.
A clip of the evenings show was then shown. It was Marlon being shown out of Carries flat by the police.
They then talked of the confusion that could happen in the bereaved persons mind when a transplant was involved. He was also pleased that the producers didn't sensationalise the story line but told it sensibly. He went on to add Emily starts to bring Marlon round and he goes back to cheffing etc.Mark was then thanked and asked to come back later on.

9.15 and he is back, first a repeat of the clip shown earlier.
Mark wiped away a crocodile tear. He went on to explain the background of the story and that Marlon is out of his depth at this time in his life.
He was then asked if he kept in contact with Sheree he said yes he had only talked to her a few days ago and she was missed on set. He said he loved every minute of this big storyline, even through the sad bits which lead to Sheree leaving.
He manages to keep his feet on the ground with help from his mum and dad. He is enjoying
it while it lasts as he knows the jobs not forever. He went into Gordon Ramseys restaurant
for a show called Soap Secrets and got to be chef for the day, he said Gordon was a very sweetguy but had told Mark at the end of it he had sausage fingers and was useless. Mark said that was was true. Good-byes were said again.