Mark Charnock on Paul O'Grady
Paul introduced Mark as coming from one of the notorious families in the dales. As Mark came through the doorway towering over Paul he was shown the sofa where he sat. Mark said it was nice to be there, Paul said everyone in the studio were great Emmerdale fans, and 5 nights a week wasn't enough. After correcting Paul that is was 6 nights Mark went on to explain that he had been there since two nights a week then three but ("The rest of the cast will kill me when I get back") it doesn't feel like any more work.It was a smooth transition. The Viv and Paddy was mentioned also that Marlon will catch them at it. Dominic was in a show with Paul once and there was a joke about him delivering a baby. A snip of the evenings show was then shown. The audience clapped.... The clip was called an offence against human nature.

Paul knew that Mark and Dominic were great friends in real life. Mark expalained that Dominic is very shy and when they go shopping in Leeds he never gets recognised, whereas Mark being freakishly tall (his words) everyone ignores Dominic and hurls abuse at Mark. "Though I am the good one he is evil"
Mark went on to tell how Dominic spearheaded a joke to be played on him it happened after Mark told the producer he was pleased with the storyline that Marlon would look after Paddy as they are like brothers really and Marlon loves him.She made a joke and he said no no not in that way....... A few days later Dominic came up and said have you said something about us being in love? Don't be ridiculous Mark said "I'm fond of you but..." Well said Dominic they are going to make us have a screen kiss, keeping a straight face he went on to tell Mark that they were writing it into a full blown affair. Mark wet to the producer and said please tell me this is a joke I'm not kissing Dominic for anything....... she looked at him and said "Of course its a joke" Dominic had had everyone involved right to the storyliners.
Paul asked if Mark was a better cook that Marlon, Mark has two or three dishes he can do. He was in Gordan Ramsey's kitchen for soap secrets. He said he is a nice guy. Mark then told Paul he knew Lauran McCall quite and that she was coming into Emmerdale, the audience roared with laughter.
An explanation was then gone into as to why Paul never got to Emmerdale as a Dingle, he said dates always clashed. It hasn't been binned as such so could just happen. Paul went on to say he liked the Dingle parties, Marlon added at a Dingle party you can almost guarantee that cousins will get of with each other there'll be a punch up and there will be blood.
If Mark ever left Emmerdale he would like to do a Horror film. he said he wrote a script a few years back, when he went back to read it recently he realised why he wasn't a writer it was Rubbish. A horror film he does like is The Ring,
After more laughter Mark was thanked and the interview ended.

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