Patrick Mower with Fern and John 7th May 2002

As usual the interview started with a clip, a contrite Nicola sitting by Rodneys side.
Patrick then decided to have a "heart attack" in the studio. After giggling he sat up and Fern asked if Rodney was going to die. In a deadly serious voice he said if you've noticedmy suntan you can see I've just come back from Florida, and now I'm looking for work.
Oh said Fern and John together, that's not true is it? He smiled his Patrick smile and said no.
Steve Frost told Patrick he was going to have something exciting happen to Rodney.
When he asked what, he was told a heart attack Patrick's asked if it was permanent.
He was told no but there is to be a cliff hanger but he is not allowed to say what it'll be John asked about the time when Rodney first came to Emmerdale about how he came for a while then left before returning. It was done like that as Patrick had other commitments in-between times.
Patrick said that whilst he was in reception they had been getting phone calls asking if Patrick Mower was dead. This reminded him of a time when he appeared in Callan and the same thing happened. In the end he was asked in to appear in a chat show so people could see it was the character that was dead not Patrick himself.
Talk then turned to "poor Rodney" A horrible daughter Nicola, his other daughter has gone and left him Diane all the time at him and he ends up in bed with funny people. The producer has promised him someone else to end up in bed with but Patrick. Isn't saying who. Asked if it was someone who he may employ as there were a few vacancies coming up. a few new characters coming in said Patrick before changing the subject.
It was the Bafta next, well infact last years. They are getting more and more writers, because of it.
Viewing figures came next Emmerdale having the biggest share of the 7pm viewing audience.
It was also mentioned the soap awards take place next month.

They are talking about putting an omnibus on ITV1 said Patrick. Fern hoped they were.
As the good-byes were said last weeks story of "holding a mans hand" was bought up.
It finished with everyone laughing.

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