Patrick Mower on the couch with Fiona

Patrick Mower is staying in London in a hotel right next to the London Eye. He has a clock at home that sounds just like the Westminster times. He was accompanied to the studio by his wife and 3 year old son.
Patrick is based in Linconshire so commutes as much as possible from home, to the studio. He says Emmerdale is the happiest time of his life. He and Fiona talked of the snobbishness of some actors who wouldn't do soaps or pantomime, but as Patrick pointed out you have to be asked
to do pantomime. You only get asked to do pantos if you are of a certain fame or notirioty.Panto is a difficult art form to do properly.
A clip of tonight's theme night was then shown. Patrick gave the reason that Emmerdale doesn't get quiet as many viewers as the other soaps was because it was on earlier and people hadn't got in from work,If it was on later Emmerdale would have more viewer, he also said that there would be new titles from tonight.
After the clip Fiona sighed and said what a nice chap Rodney is, Patrick agreed.He said he was to be a traffic warden tonight. Fiona said she'd thought he'd joined the mile high club. Patrick again reminded Fiona that tonight was the 3000th edition. John Stapleton was there and said it was good to see there was still some of the old hippy left in Patrick.


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