Patrick Mower on Harry Hill
Patrick is introduced and asked what he collects. He said he collects kids.
Kids that had been lost at fairs. He elaborated.
If children get lost at a fair and get handed in but no one claims them he
takes them home and looks after them.

Harry then said Lets look at the video diary.
Harry knocks on the door and is invited in by Patrick surrounded by children
one of which he sends to make some tea. "Yes Lord" says the child.
"Lord?" asks Harry Patrick said they insisted on calling him that.
When they entered the living room a girl said
"Lord I've finished the chimney can I got and do my homework now."
"Of course you can" was the answer.
The girl was called Patricia, asked if they were all called Patrick or Patricia
Patrick said well yes as it's easier really there being so many of them.
Asked how many he was told 5 or 6 at any given time
It was 3 of the boys birthdays, after singing Happy Birthday Patrick they were
given their presents 3 identical chimney brushes.
Harry then fell in to what was happening. Patrick was running a chimney sweep business.
Although Patrick got irate at being found out and tried to put his hand over the camera.
Harry asked if he could get his cleaned.
The camera then went back tot he studio and Harry said young Patrick had done a nice job.
And asked if Patrick was staying for the song later.
He elected to come back as the hamster.