Paul Opacic interviewed on this morning 15 May 2001

Paul Opacic is making h is first appearance in Bad Girls tonight, he is joining Claire King who played his wife in Emmerdale.
He was interviewed by Richard and Judy on "This Morning"
The interview started with clips from both shows.
"Back in in prison again" and "Hard but fair" where a couple of comments by Paul, he plays the boyfriend of a prison officer and has apparently been working on another wing.
In real life Paul, a couple of years ago chased a man who stole a watch, after starting to run after him,
the man being 10 years younger, Paul thought to himself I've made the effort so I can stop now.
But as he slowed down and looked behind he saw a waitress from the restaurant following , that spurred him on. The man jumped on the back of a bus, Paul's friend had a car and they gave chase. They finally stopped and Paul jumped out shouting "Hand it over" The bloke asked "what?" Having no idea what, Paul said "The phone" meanwhile a group of about 20 of this mans friends had turned up and formed a circle around them.
"It's mine" said the bloke.... Paul's friend pointed out the others, and called him to go, but wanting to be cool Paul pointed his finger as he left, saying "Next time" Richard and Judy were cracked up by this, Paul gives a good narrative. They get back to the bar and are told the watch was dropped as he ran out...... It was an expensive Rolex.'

What's it like working with Claire King again asked Judy, very tongue in cheek Paul replied terrible.
Paul thought it was strange at first when he was asked to go and talk about the part, he couldn't see it happening
with the Emmerdale history. But Brian Park thought otherwise. Paul doesn't yet know what the interaction between the
two if them is in this series.
Richard called it old fashioned good casting.

Judy asked about the BAFTA. Paul thought it was about time as Emmerdale keeps getting a hammering,
as people see it as a rural daytime soap as it was 20 years ago. People think it's cool to watch Eastenders,
and Coronation street is well established. He also mentioned, that Jacci Stevens for the past year
had been saying Emmerdale is the best soap on TV.

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