Peter Amory
Des and Mel

Peter entered to a lot of clapping from the audience.
Des said he couldn't believe how tall he was, he is 6ft 1 1/2
As well as being in Emmerdale, he has been in Boon Casualty and inspector Morse.
Asked how long he played Chris in a wheelchair Peter said 7 years. He
was then asked if he learnt anything about the problems of handicapped people the things they have to
do on an every day basis.
Peter replied that he is very fortunate, but for some people it's horrendous, this country is so under developed for catering for disabled people.
Does the chair inhibit your acting?
When you rehearse lines and you are standing, you get it said different to you than if you are sitting.
Mel talked about the crash, it took 3 weeks of filming, night shoots. Peter was in a box as the Woolpack fell on him,
He was in a box pinned down with snow falling on his face, the props boys used to remove the snow before filming.
He was then asked if he was worried when he heard the script, that is character might have been killed off.
Yes Said Peter I had a huge tax bill at the time.

Eventually however it was Peters own decision to leave Emmerdale, he wanted a change and it was hard work.
You are constantly on the go, you'd go home at night just after finishing a days filming and be learning lines until 3am.
However said Mel, Chris left conniving to the end. Peter said he thinks Charity will get he comeuppance.
But he has no idea what will happen to her, it's more fun if you watch it fresh and don't know the outcome.
What he has been watching is Billy Hartman, who plays Terry with the heart attack, he thinks Billy has been doing a terrific job
the audience at this point gave an chorus of approval.
Peter is going to play Abanazar in panto, he is having problems with one of his lines "has any one seen my ring"
He envisions 200 kids all shouting "it's behind you"
Peter has never been in a panto before. He saw Steve Macfaden at the NTA the other week.
He asked for help give me a clue how to play it (they were at Rada Together) Shout said Steve, just shout
If you don't shout someone will shout louder just shout and you'll be ok.
4 years at Rada said Chris and that's the route, just shout!
Time had run out and good-byes were said.