Peter Amory

This Morning

The interview started as ever on This Morning with a clip from the show.
This time showing Chris and Zoes farewell scene although she doesn't at the time know it.
The camera then goes to Peter, who is sporting a new beard.
It's not going to be too long for Chris said Fern, but even though he has left and hints have been in all the TV mags and
on the net, Peter still isn't giving anything at all away, he even said he may just end up in prison.
The only thing he did confirm was that he was leaving Emmerdale.
He jokingly said he could be coming back, he could be that ghost, it had been done before.
HE said he was also lucky in that when Steve Frost called him to the office to tell him they were giving him something to leave on
he had no idea it was going to be this big, he added it had been hard work for Emma Leah and Billy as well.
Phil then asked how people reacted to seeing Peter out of the wheelchair in real life.
He has heard "It's a miracle" and "where's your wheel chair" many times and he got tired of it 5 or 6 years ago.
He also went on to explain how being in the wheelchair opened his eyes to how bad it is in this country,
not like Canada where everything is designed for disabled people, here there are a lot of problems, access to loo's and theatres
Fern joined in listing places.
From an acting point of view just to sit there and ...well it's horrendous. After the crash when Chris was confined to the wheelchair
it was discussed about a cure, but there was no going back, it was dismissed.
Fern turned to talk of Claire, saying Peter will be able to spend more time with her, well said Peter, not sounding to sure
she has been working in Devon, while I've been more London based. Asked what she was doing in Devon, Peter replied after some thought
with "Down to Earth" it's for the other channel
Asked about the race horses, Peter said she has race horses I can't afford race horses. She loves
her horses that's her baby.
Peter is off on holiday tomorrow to Lanzarote.