Ruth Abram on LKtoday


The day before she is leaving, Ruth gave Loraine Kelly an interview on her morning programme.
The first question Loraine asked was about the first morning on set,when the dreams come true, but maybe it was a bit difficult.

It was difficult, but more so because of the bad press,we were all a bit apprehensive because of it, even though we were told not to take any notice of it. It was great it was very surreal, going in there being in the set and everything. I learnt a lot it's surprising what you can learn in a short space of time.

Talk then went on to the "hut" which infact is a copy of a chalet in the holiday park where which is used for the bar and outside scenes. It was likened to a sauna, and Ruth explained how the walls were removeable.

In the first few weeks Ruth said they were very much a family, clinging on to each other for security and confidence, as most of thier scenes were together.
As the weeks went on and we split up and did scenes with other people it became easier, and we didn't see as much of each other.

Loraine asked what Ruth thought was the best bit. The programme in itself isreally good to work on the crew and cast are great, but I think for me was the TV awards last October when we got dressed up and went out and had a fantastic time.

Sadly though for you , said Lorraine tomorrow is your last appearance.
In the storyline Jess goes off to live with her mother.
"Which of course leaves the door open if they decide to have me back" said Ruth
Ruth seemed pleased that she hadn't been killed off.
Loraine commented that even so it had been a really good start for Ruth.

Ruth agreed, she was then asked where she goes from here, this had been her first proffesional job.
since university It has opened lots of doors said Ruth. she couldn't ask for anything more. but now it gives her the opertunity to go on to do something else, serious drama comedy even presenting or anything, or theatre which she had done while at uni.
Why shouldn't loads of doors open now? I can just go out there and try different challenges or whatever.
Loraine said she would be sad to see her go. a preview of tonights show was then shown, with
Jess saying she wasn't happy.......

Loraine and Ruth were then laughing at the thought of five people all crammed up into the chalet.
Get them in a house shouted Lorraine.

She then wished Ruth luck and told her to come back and tell her about her next project what ever she decided todo.


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