Bernice and Carlos on the sofa with This morning
The interview is introduced with "It is no longer the quiet rural soap the storylines are getting sexier, have you seen what the
vicars wife is up too?"
Clips of the romance were then shown, before the very first question was asked.
"How many kisses have their been?"
" I don't know" said Sam"quite a few"
Fern was then under the impression the "step further" hadn't yet been taken
Both Gary and Sam answered simultaneously they had been to bed.
Sam elaborated "we did it in Annie's cottage after a row."
Asked if it would all end in tears, Sam said it was bound too.
Poor rev Ashley will he find out?
Sam "He hasn't got a clue really, he is a bit naive though he is bound to find out eventually Ashley's way of handling the miscarriage was very different from the way Bernice did and they grew apart then, Bernice has never been particularly religious
but she felt it was being pushed down her throat. I'm not sure they should have even have got married really"
But he is such a nice man and you two are doing the dirty on him how did the public react do they point their fingers at you?
Gary "Yes yes, Carlos has spent the last year being a nice guy very morally upstanding n ow he is sleeping with the vicars wife.
An old lady came up and said your that bad man, no no you mean Cain we both have got long hair. No you your sleeping with the vicars wife."
Sam "I've had people say You and Carlos oh dear oh dear, making light of it."
Both agreed it was usually the man who got the pat on the back while it was the woman who got called
slag and tart etc.
"When the story progresses will you still be able to sort of keep a straight face with each other"
Gary talked about tangled webs, lies and thinking of your feet.
Talked turned to Samatha's marriage and the fact she lives in Leeds in the week and only goes home
at weekends, but she said her relationship with her husband has always been like that as he travels with his work.
But they have the weekends together, and they both adjust easily.
Talk went on the of preparing for kisses with each other, Gary said clean teeth, chewing gum breath freshener
and they choreograph it. The director guides them tells them whether to make it shorter or longer, and which side they have to be. They have all been quite long kisses no quick pecks.
The soap awards where bought up next.
The reason why Sam wasn't there besides not liking those sort of events (She doesn't like clothes shopping) was she went to a friends wedding.
Gary said he was shocked when he heard he was one of the people nominated.
All agreed the awards where great fun but hardly important as in life or death important.
Then Emmerdale was congratulated on being the best soap.
The male interviewer when saying the good-byes got his Carlos and Gary muddled :)


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