Sam Giles with Richard and Judy.

I missed the first bit of this interview, and came into it when Samantha
was talking to Richard and Judy, about her work before Emmerdale.
Samantha had worked for one day in two years when she had started out,
but then along came Emmerdale and other things. Richard said she was braving in leaving.
Samantha has been in it four years,. She said she just felt it was the end for Benice.
It was time for her to go, she has had fun working in the programme playing her.
The people are great but she won't miss Bernice. Sam really liked the comedy side of Bernice
even enjoyed the drama but it comes to a point when she thought what else can they do to this
character, she was always taking it home with her, and she needs to shake her off.
When asked about the security angle Sam said what ever will come will come.
Judy bought up her marriage and the raveling, Sam said that couldn't go on forever.
It was very difficult to have a relationship like that.
Sam and her husband met in Habitat when Sam was temping in there. They both worked there.
Judy had been reading notes both she and Sam went to Bristol uni, and did the drama course
they both disliked it. Both finding it too sophisticated. Sam said she was ordinary
her mum being a hairdresser and her dad a fireman. Both intimidated by how posh everyone was.
Sam found it hard to make friends as she felt all the people were nothing like her.
But at least you could act Sam. Judy said I couldn't. One of Sam's ex tutors
said they couldn't believe she had got a job on TV. Sam has only kept in touch with
one person from those days and he wasn't even in her year.Going back to Sam's husband Richard asked if it was true she had magiced him into proposing to her.
Sam says she feels embarrassing talking about it, she does believe in magic, white magic as
in the power of positive thought. And if you start wishing things for yourself your
in dodgy grown as what happened there, even though it worked. He proposed in
a month of Sam's incantations. Sam feels she shouldn't have done it and mucked around with something she
didn't understand.
Sam used to have a stall at Covent Garden a Tarot stall. Sam thinks it's OK to do
protection spells for yourself or to help other people but to start wishing for things
as the saying goes be careful what you wish for. You could make things happen too quickly
Sam said she'd never play with a Ouija board either.
Then bought on set was some oysters.The last time they had met was in a restaurant after the filming of
a show in Emmerdale.
Sam went ahead and had an oyster...... Richard squeezed the lemon. And Sam Swallowed
after asking about chewing....... no chewing said Richard. She the drank
lots of water. The interview ended with Sam saying she needed a brandy after that.

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