Samantha Giles
Des and Mel
Dec 2003
Sam walked in to a round of applause,
Des said he was surrounded by elegant ladies.
Sam has done one series of where the heart is.
She plays a nurse, when asked if she could be a real nurse, Sam said she used to work in a care home as an auxiliary nurse, she was ok with vomit, and ok with pooh but she isn't very good with blood.
They went on to talk of Where the heart is and Sam's first scenes there.
Des said she had a twinkle in her eye had heard she had been a practical joker,
Sam said "the worse I had done was with John Middleton, on the set of Emmerdale,as he is so easy to wind up The first bed scene they had to do, John had to get out of bed towards the end of it." Sam told John he had to be naked. He said No no surely not, " No" she said "I was only winding you up you have to wear a flesh coloured G string. Which of course he didn't, he had to wear flesh coloured pants, the trouble was though that every time he got out of bed the went opppppp s right up his backside and I got an eyeful.
I was just laying here laughing as the shot wasn't on me."
A clip of where the heart is was then shown. Asked about the differences in the character Sam said
Bernice and Sally were very different. And went on to describe them.
Sam wouldn't like to choose between which character she liked playing best, she enjoyed them both. Bernice she said was fun because she could be quiet rude to people something she wouldn't be in real life.
There was then a run through of the lives and loves of Bernice.Sam used to get letters addressed to Bernice with people and their problems.
Good-byes were said.