Sam Giles was the surprise guest on
The Psychic Show

Sam Giles was the mystery guest on the programme today.
The Psychics having to work out who she is, the first one Robin used her palm print. He said.
This lady has beatifley formed hands, that show a very attractive complex character, many paradoxes. The lines are unusual she has a particularly unusual fate and life line.
Childhood was very forma,l he also got a sense of bizarre, cool, calculating and nice and warm. And summed it up with

"A cucumber in a velvet glove."

Then from a chart. Maria said
Feminine chart, cancer, ocean of emotion, caring compassionate, beautiful eyes. Rising Leo. The sun walks in a room with her lihtening up the place. Red hair a lions mane.
Flirtatious, dazzling, emotionally private. Needs space and likes the sea.

Samatha reads tarot herself. She was introduced and she was asked what she t hought about what they had said, she said it was fantastic and from what she remembered accutrate, it was hard to take it all in.
She has a close family she is the eldest, feels she has to have their approval which can be a bind they don't put pressure on her but have very strong morals so feels she has to live up to their standards.

They talked about her character Bernice, saying the character had the flirtatiousness and business sense taht Sam herself has, good casting. Sam said Bernice was emotionally unstable, and she hope she herself wasn't. Sam herself is a good buisiness woman.
And towards the end of her time in Emmerdale she was beginning to feel they had merged.
She would love to live near the sea.
Now was the time of Middle Saturn return. Sam was told Take time out, take control. Get back on track go forward. Next year, June, July there is a lot of recognition alterations in home move in career.

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