Samantha Giles on LKtoday.
Samantha joined Loraine on the sofa on LK today. The interview started off with a preview of the evenings show. Diane slapping Bernice, Sam said she had never been hit around the face before, so wanted it done properly it was done though in one take.
Sam agreed with Loraine that with the 5 nights a week things were pretty manic.
Loraine then asked Sam about her leaving.
Sam said she'd miss the people but she wouldn't miss Bernice that much as she has had quite a tough year she has been there three and a half years.
Loraine commented she used to enjoy Bernice when she had the comedy edge, which has been lost.
Sam thought it was also a pity and wished they could have returned to that, but with way the storylines have gone and with her trying to bond with the baby it wouldn't feel quite right.
Why did you decide to leave?
Sam wants to do other work and see whats out there and do other things nothing same for ever you have to jump off the cliff and see what else is there.
She decided about 6 months ago she wanted to leave, she hashad to get into the emotional stuff and she thinks perhaps it was starting to affect her, she needs to be away from Bernice. she has yet nothing concrete that she will be doing it will be nice to have a holiday and spend sometime at home. Her husband works for a mobile phone company.
The door will be left open for Bernice if Sam does want to go back.

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