Sammy and Karl on GMTV.
November 2003
Sammy and Karl were up early, first talking to Fiona and Emmon, then Lorraine.
Clips from the show, showing Robert and Katie kissing were shown.
Ask how many takes it took Karl said thanks to the director one or two.
Emmon asked if there were used to it or did they find it embarrassing, Karl again said he was used to it.
Sammy said that Karl had kissed four different people now.
Sammy was asked if her boyfriend minded, she said he didn't to much, but she didn't mind that he did as it showed a protectiveness.
Emmon wondered how often the love triangle that they were involved in happened in real life, he asked people to text in and tell them.
Lorraines turn, again Sammy was asked how her boyfriend minded. She said he was used to it really as she used to go out with Kelvin and he saw her still kissing him on screen.
They talked of the build up to the story, the looks in each scene and how Katie was probably bored and made to grow up too quick with the farm and then Daz coming along.
They mentioned that there was a sort of thing between them when they first started but nothing came of it.
The pair also explain how in there first scene in bed how a spider fell between them and "ruined the moment" Katie said for that scene although she looked naked she had on big long granny bloomers that came all the way down her legs, also a granny boob tube.
They talked of how the character's had grown up, with Katie being a biker chic with loads of make up
to now where she doesn't wear any.
When asked how long they could see themselves being in Emmerdale they both said for the foreseeable future.
Both were then asked to stay on and help with Lorriane plays pop.