Away in Scarborough
Nicola is having her hair and make up done
Nicola intruduces Vicky who works on her.
Next we see the dressing rooms
and wardrobe
Also the washing machines just incase of accidents.
Nicola points out the hotel everyone is staying in.
Nicola and Dale at work
Let go will yer!!!!
The cameraman gets it all.
Dale gives the background of Simon and Nicola
Nicola joins in
They scrap like mad
Fishing for the very first time for real as well as acting
Catching the fish that leads to the proposal
Sherrie steps out into the rain
Playing Lesley makes a change from nicey nicey
Gutting fish another new experience
Tis a family business with Simons sister too
mother wants to know about Tasha
Filming away is like being on a school outing
It's exciting to be out the village and filming away
Nicola explains about the sound
She points out the monitor where the director sits.