Sean on LK today
Sean McGann was on LK this morning, talking of his tripped to Napal in aid of the children's society. He talked very enthusiastically of the children the charity helps. He grew up in Liverpool and remembers by memory the type of children they are helping now. He believes that society has given up on these children. Steve took his camcorder and took film while he was there. He talked of the smiling children even than though hungry, also of the way the children because they are so hungry waited for scraps of a lunch pack just like dogs do.
Sean is saying good-bye to Emmerdale in January, he has been there 3 years and had a wonderful time. He didn't publicize he was leaving, because he just decided it was time to go, he says it's business as usual he has had a good time. He has also been offered a part in a film which begins shooting in January.


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