Sheree Murphy
Des and Mel

Sheree was a guest on Des and Mel.
When she entered, Des said she had been off our screens for 6 months, and what had she been doing.
Sheree replied she had been having a baby.Both Mel and Des commented on how great she looked. She had, had a little girl.
Des went on to say that Tracy Dingle, was returning tonight, Sheree put him right with Tricia, Des said he's shoot the researcher.
They both apologized, there was laughter all round. Also put to bed was the newspaper rumour that Tricia would return pregnant. She explained that she had gone to star in a Bollywood film and now she was back to get back to normal life with Marlon.
Des asked if it was ever normal life with him.
They then showed a clip of the return.
It turns out said Mel that Marlon has had a fling with someone while Tricia has been away. With his cousin, Charity said Sheree, what naughty naughty? asked Des, yes all the way naughty, laughed Sheree.
She is pregnant and they don't know who the father is, it could be Marlons.
I wonder who has been giving him lessons? He isn't really a worldly wise chap went on Des.
Saturday was to be Sheree's last day of filming, she infact leaves New years day, but wouldn't Tell Des or Mel anything, saying they are trying to keep a lot of the storyline under wraps but it is a good one.

Talk turned away from Emmerdale now, and to Sheree's husband Harry being a famous footballer.
Des wanted to know how being a famous footballer's wife compared to the series.
It's nothing like it she said, it would be wonderful to dress up like that every day, and lunch and whatever.
Mel said they had tried to label her and Harry with the Posh and Becks thing. Sheree said yeah but Harry is a private person and any spare time the couple had was spent with the kids and that's the way they like it, Sheree likes doing interviews but respects that Harry doesn't.
It's nice she said we can just be normal. It's great that Posh and Becks are like they are, but that life isn't for her.
Asked if she watches football, she said she does now, she has been to a few, she loves watching Harry but gets bored if he isn't playing.
Asks if it was true she dated Robie Williams, Sheree said no it isn't true, she was friends with him though She did sell ice cream though in the auditorium at the palladium, yes she said that's true, I once saw Michael Jackson, Prince Harry, it was wonderful She had the best time there, but didn't like the tray dangling.
Sheree was the youngest child at the Itlaia Conte stage school, she doesn't know why but she was 10 and the normal age was 12. She said she learnt a lot there, She went to Silvia Young after, a list of names who she was there with were then mentioned.
She did a Halifax advert with Emma Bunting, which she said was fun.
She and Denise Van Elton went on a mad weekend to Paris, it was before either had any money it was a cheep hotel about £12 a night, they had to
put the furniture up against the door as it sounded like some men where being whipped in the next room.
Del thanked Sheree for coming and said he looked forward to seeing her in Emmerdale that night.