Sherree Murphy on GMTV
The first question Sherree was asked was do they find themselves cracking up laughing?
Sherree:Yes the crew must be sick of it we are always laughing it's good fun.
Presenter: Your looking very well it's good to have you with us. your blooming of course how long are you with bump?
Sherree: 7 months
Presenter: Is that reason you are bowing out?
Sherree: Yes, I'd have liked to have stayed a bit longer you can only hide the bump for so long so I had to go, I'm lucky they have given me 6 months off.
Presenter: They tried to disguise it because they put you in a sari.
Sherree:I looked huge in it, no it was comfy really, it was quite nice
Presenter: This is the whole Bollywood storyline, how did Bollywood get involved?
Sherree: I know, when the producer told me I just thought no way, all the cast didn't belive it then err, of course it happened a Bollywood film crew came to Emmerdale as they do, then basicly Trisha is star struck by it all, gets a partof an extra then the leading role.
Presenter: Did you have to speak, sing or anything?
Sherree: I had to dance everyone behind the cameras were wetting themselves laughing it was quite funny.
Presenter: Did you have to learn Indian?
Sherree: I had to learn a few words but mispronounce them I hope nobody finds it offencive.
Any idea of the storyplats while you are gone?
Sherree: Well Trishia and Marlon leave together, but I don't think he'll stay out there 6 months. Goodness knows how he'll cope without Trisha probably quite well as she always seems to mess up things in his life.
In real life your a footballers wife
Sherree: yes
Presenter: To Harry Kewell, is he looking forward to being a dad?
Sherree: Yeah, well he is so good with our little boy now, he wishes we could have more and more
straight away. but I'm like no..
Presenter: I heard you wanted 4
Sherree: Yeah I'd like that but I don't like being pregnant, I know thats a bad thing to say. But I think I'll wait a few more years and have another 2 quite close together.
Presenter: Is Taylor quite excited about having a brother or sister?
Sherree: I think so he isn't quite 2 yet and we have tried to explain to him.
Presenter:You haven't done a Katherine Zeta Jones thing ang hired someone in to talk through the coming of a second child?
Sherree: No no (fits of giggles) we'll explain as we go along, it will probably be a bit of a shock when the
baby finally arrives.
Presenter: Well thank you very much for coming in and good luck with your 2 months and we hope it really goes well.